Sister City - Oehringen, Germany

Who is our Sister City?

Inverell has a 5 year sister city relationship with Oehringen, Germany.

About our Sister City, Oehringen.

Oehringen is located in the western, deeper part of the Hohenlohe plain, between the Keuper stage of the Swabian-Franconian forest mountains and the Kocher Valley. The city spreads out over the flat valley of Ohrn, a small river, which flows about 10 kilometres (6 mi) down the valley in the district Ohrnberg into the Kocher river. The town is situated between elevation 168 metres (551 ft), in the Kocher at the county border at Möglingen, and 486 m (1,594 ft), already above the forest on the Charles Mainhardt Furter plane, which belongs to the district Michelbach. The level of the core city varies between 215–280 metres (705–920 ft).

The Oehringen area drains to the Kocher river, which runs between Ohrnberg and Sindringen, about 3 km (2 mi) upstream from Ohrnberg mountain. The river leaves the region 6 kilometres (4 mi) west of the district Möglingen. The Ohrn has created a broad, flat valley in the northwest of the city and at Möhrig. From Unterohrn, the Ohrn extends to the confluence with the Kocher in the hard layers of the mussel limestone and has cut a deep valley. This section of the river course was declared Ohrntal in 1963 for the conservation area. The Maßholderbach and the Westernbach streams, which flow northwest of the core city in the Ohrn, also create flat valleys in the northeastern part of the district.

Shopping in Oehringen is fun for old and young. A large variety of retailers, a balanced mix of industries in the city centre and the shopping centres “Oe-Center” and “Steinsfeldle” at the outskirts of Oehringen offer a rich and versatile shopping experience.

Oehringen's population in 2011 was 22,875 citizens. Oehringen has grown 0.05% over 2 years and covers an area of 26 sq miles.

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